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Advanced Car Insurance Pricing

Fusionbase gives car insurers a rich tapestry of data sources, including geospatial points of interest, regional socio-demographic statistics, car registration details, geolocated accident records and more to build competitive pricing models. This comprehensive approach enables insurers to offer premiums that accurately reflect the risk and socio-economic environment of each policyholder.


Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data for Car Insurance Pricing

A multifaceted approach to data integration allows for nuanced insurance premium setting. With Fusionbase, insurers can analyze thousands of datapoints through one API to identify new tariff features or improve the accuracy of existing ones. Here are a few examples:

Traffic Accident Locations

Geocoded locations of traffic accidents in Germany with times of day, road users involved, severity of the accident and more.

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Regional Car Thefts

Use regional statistics on car thefts to develop granular theft zones or to check the plausibility of your own data.

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Automotive Recalls

Enrich your models with current vehicle recalls in order to react quickly to new developments in the market.

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Your Benefits

Precision in Risk Evaluation

Tailor insurance premiums more closely to the actual risk by integrating diverse data sources.

Dynamic Pricing Capability

Update pricing models in real-time as new data becomes available, ensuring rates are always aligned with current risk levels.

Increased Policyholder Trust

Offer transparent pricing that policyholders can understand and trust, improving satisfaction and loyalty.

Without Fusionbase

    Pricing models based on limited or outdated information, leading to inaccurate risk assessments
    Generic risk profiles that do not account for local variations in risk factors
    Time-consuming manual processes for data collection and analysis

With Fusionbase

    Access to a comprehensive data ecosystem for detailed, location-specific risk analysis
    Dynamic adjustment of premiums based on up-to-date geospatial data and regional statistics
    Automated data integration and analysis, significantly improving operational efficiency and premium accuracy

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