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AI-Driven Industry Classification

In commercial insurance and banking, accurate risk assessment is crucial, with a business's industry being a key risk factor. External data makes an automated and precise industry classification possible, thereby enhancing profitability with minimal human intervention. Here is how you can make it work for you:

  1. Fetch business activities and more about any company and load it into your systems in seconds.
  2. Use our pre-trained industry classifier or build your own model with our company data.
  3. Easily integrate the data into your systems via the Fusionbase Data Hub API.
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Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data for Industry Classification

Use the Fusionbase Data Hub API to use your data-driven industry classification to pre-fill forms, enrich your CRM or improve risk models. Our customers leverage the following data points for industry classification:

Organization Base Data

Legal form, addresses, founding date, etc. of an organization.

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Financial KPIs

Financial KPI's to assess the size of a company.

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Business Activities

Business activities, products, services, etc. of an organization.

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Your Benefits

Enhanced Accuracy in Risk Assessment

With Fusionbase's AI-driven data hub, you can achieve sharper accuracy in industry classification, enabling more precise risk profiling, smarter underwriting decisions, and optimized pricing strategies for your insurance offerings.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Fusionbase transforms the once time-consuming classification process into a streamlined operation, reducing your administrative load and accelerating your insurance workflow for faster, more accurate customer service.

Improved Profitability in Claims Processing

Enhance your claims processing accuracy with Fusionbase, ensuring correct classifications for more effective assessments. This approach leads to fairer compensation and a balanced claims-to-premium ratio, directly boosting profitability.

Before Fusionbaes

    Time-consuming sifting through lists and documents
    Increased portfolio risk with less granularity
    Lost sales due to complex process

With Fusionbase

    Streamlined classification using diverse external data sources
    Enhanced accuracy and powered by AI
    Increased revenue due to fast and easy sales process

See how Generali does it

Generali leverages external data and AI to revolutionize it's classification process, enhancing risk assessment and customer satisfaction.

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