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Use Case

Cyber Threat Monitoring

In an era of escalating cyber threats, staying informed about emerging vulnerabilities and attacks is crucial. Fusionbase facilitates automated cyber threat monitoring by providing security specialists with access to machine-readable, up-to-date external data through a streamlined API. This empowers security teams to:

  • Analyze patterns and trends of cyber attacks globally
  • Monitor mentions of cyber attacks across news media and security bulletins
  • Track the evolution of cyber vulnerabilities to anticipate potential risks

Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data for Cyber Threat Monitoring

Fusionbase integrates a variety of external data sources to provide comprehensive insights into the current landscape of cyber threats. Our customers use external data points like these:

Cyber Incidents

Monitor and learn from public cyber incidents categorized by attack type, severity and involved entities.

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Vulnerability Database

Screen the NIST vulnerability database for the latest vulnerabilities in technologies and detect potential attack patterns.

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Your Benefits

Scalable Threat Intelligence

Harness expansive datasets that allow you to monitor the full cyber-landscape.

Proactive Defense Measures

Stay ahead of cybercriminals with early warnings of emerging threats.

Enhanced Decision Making

Utilize detailed data to allocate resources effectively and optimize your security posture.

Before Fusionbase

    Reactive measures based on outdated information
    Limited visibility into emerging cyber threats
    Slower response times to security incidents

With Fusionbase

    Proactive response with up-to-date data
    Broadened threat awareness through comprehensive data aggregation
    Accelerated incident response enabled by immediate data access

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