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Data for GenAI

Explore how Fusionbase's comprehensive data hub empowers developers to innovate and enhance generative AI (GenAI) applications and models with ease. Enrich your GenAI context or train and fine-tune your own models. Our customers use external data and GenAI for:

  • Up-to-date company financials data for predictive analytics in trading algorithms.
  • Diverse demographic statistics for personalized content generation.
  • Regional statistics as world knowledge to prevent hallucinations.

Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data for GenAI

Leverage Fusionbase’s expansive access to external data to enrich your GenAI projects. Our always up-to-date, machine-readable datasets from high-quality sources provide the foundation you need. Use our RAG API for external data or take a look at these datasets:


Use our intent-based semantic search to retrieve exactly the data your users are looking for.

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Use data streams like GDP at market prices and more to give your models the world knowledge they need to prevent hallucinations.

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Company Data

Use machine-readable company data to analyze financial reports for your GenAI-based financial trading projects.

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Your Benefits

Streamlined Integration

Easy integration with our API and Python SDK allows you to start using data in your projects quickly.

Quality and Diversity

Access a wide variety of high-quality data sources, ensuring robust model training and fine-tuning.

Continuous Updates

Stay ahead with data that refreshes continuously, keeping your applications relevant and effective.

Before Fusionbase

    Scattered data sources required extensive time to gather and format
    Limited data variety constrained model training capabilities
    Manual updates led to outdated data in projects

With Fusionbase

    Single source access simplifies data acquisition and integration
    Expansive data variety enriches model training and functionality
    Automatic updates ensure data remains current

Let's dive deeper into your use case

We can show you how to leverage the right external data for your personal use case - for free.