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Use Case

Data Journalism

Fusionbase enables publishers and media companies to enhance their storytelling by providing data journalists with seamless access to a vast pool of external data, fostering insightful, data-driven narratives.

Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data for Data Journalism

Data journalists can elevate their stories by integrating diverse external datasets from Fusionbase. This integration allows for more nuanced analyses and enriched content. Here are some examples of interesting datasets:

Latest Consumer Data

Use data that is automatically updated to write data stories about the economy like consumer price data.

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Company Data

Research deep data like financials and networks to report on the latest news of any given company.

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Regional Data

Compare regional data on county-level to show readers content of their location e.g. rent price data.

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Your Benefits

Enhanced Story Credibility

Using data from reputable sources increases trust and reliability in reporting.

Diverse Story Angles

Access to varied datasets enables unique storytelling perspectives.

Efficient Research Process

Streamlined data access saves valuable research time

Before Fusionbase

    Limited access to updated and diverse data sources
    Time-consuming data collection and validation processes
    Restricted ability to provide in-depth and varied analysis

With Fusionbase

    Immediate access to a broad range of updated, global datasets
    Automated data collection and verification speed up the research phase
    Enhanced capacity for deep, multi-faceted reporting

Read how ZEIT Online leveraged Fusionbase

The german publisher ZEIT Online worked with Fusionbase to collect election data on county-level for an in-depth report on the Bundestagswahl 2021.


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