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Use Case

Enhancing Life Insurance Risk Modeling

Leverage Fusionbase's comprehensive external datasets, including regional socio-economic factors, proximity to various points of interest, and environmental data, to refine and enhance risk models for life insurance.


Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data for Life Risk Modeling

With Fusionbase, life insurance companies can deeply integrate external data into their risk assessment workflows. This enriched approach provides a more nuanced understanding of risks associated with individual policyholders. Following external data can improve your life risk models:

Socio economic Indicators

Use socioeconomic indicators on postal code level for multiple countries like Germany to improve regional differentiation in your risk models.

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Health Infrastructure

Use regional statistics on health infrastructure like patient access to hospitals to make your risk models more accurate.

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Your Benefits

Improved Risk Prediction

Enhance accuracy in predicting policyholder risk using comprehensive external datasets.

Tailored Premiums

Offer more accurately priced premiums that reflect the true risk profile of each policyholder.

Increased Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of competitors by adopting advanced data-driven risk assessment techniques.

Without Fusionbase

    Limited risk differentiation based on generalized demographic data.
    Inconsistent risk assessment due to lack of comprehensive external data.
    Over-reliance on historical claims data which may not reflect current realities.

With Fusionbase

    Dynamic risk modeling incorporating socio-economic and environmental data.
    Consistent and detailed risk profiles based on extensive external datasets.
    Proactive adjustment of premiums and policies based on current data insights.

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