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Use Case

Form Pre-Filling

Fusionbase provides insurers and banks with a sophisticated solution to pre-fill order forms using external data, aiming to streamline the form completion process, improve accuracy, and elevate the customer experience. This approach not only reduces the time customers spend filling out forms but also minimizes errors and boosts conversion rates by presenting users with tailored, relevant information from the outset.


Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data to pre-fill forms

Fusionbase enables financial institutions to tap into a diverse range of external data sources to accurately pre-fill order forms, thereby improving form completion rates and customer satisfaction. These are data points most of our customers use:

Company Data

Create magic customer experiences by automatically pre-filling forms with addresses, registry id's and more.

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Financial Metrics

Spare customers the tedious entering of complex financial statements with our Financial Metric API.

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Company Updates

Avoid to hassle customers with updating their data and trigger pre-fills with the latest company updates.

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Your Benefits

Increased Conversion Rates

By simplifying the form-filling process, customers are more likely to complete applications, leading to higher conversion rates.

Magic Customer Experience

Customers enjoy a more streamlined and intuitive process, thanks to magically pre-filled information that cuts down on time and effort.

Less Data Entry Errors

The enrichment with external data significantly decreases the potential for errors, ensuring more reliable data collection.

Without Fusionbase

    Lengthy and complex forms deter customers, increasing abandonment rates
    Manual data entry is prone to errors, affecting the integrity of customer data
    The slow application process can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction

With Fusionbase

    Accurate external data pre-fills order forms, making the completion process more efficient
    The need for manual data entry is reduced, streamlining the customer journey
    Faster application and order processes enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

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