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Use Case

Real-Time Insolvency Tracking

Utilize Fusionbase to seamlessly integrate real-time insolvency publications into your receivables management system, ensuring timely updates and proactive risk mitigation.


Fusionbase Data Hub

Leveraging External Data for Insolvency Insights

With Fusionbase, access comprehensive, up-to-date external data on insolvency filings and outcomes. By integrating data streams such as court records, public notices, and financial company statements, receivable departments can enhance their risk assessment models, prioritize collections, and adjust credit terms in real-time.

German Insolvency Proceedings

Mandatory insolvency publications for german companies and individuals.

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Company Financials

Financial KPI's like revenue, profit or the full balance sheet of a company.

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Regional Insolvency Statistics

Regional statistic about insolvency proceedings in Germany.

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Your Benefits

Improved Risk Assessment

Stay ahead with real-time insolvency updates, enabling more accurate risk evaluation and credit management.

Efficient Receivables Management

Prioritize and streamline collection efforts for high-risk accounts, reducing bad debt and improving cash flow.

Proactive Decision Making

Adjust credit policies and terms based on the latest insolvency data, minimizing exposure to financial risks.

Before Fusionbase

    Manual tracking of insolvency notices, leading to delays and outdated information.
    Reactive credit and collections strategies based on historical data.
    Increased risk of bad debt due to lag in recognizing insolvent debtors.

With Fusionbase

    Automated real-time alerts on insolvency filings directly integrated into your system
    Proactive adjustments to credit terms and collection priorities based on current data
    Reduced financial risk with timely, data-driven decision-making

How Nürnberger never misses an insolvency

The receivables management team at Nürnberger Versicherung uses the Fusionbase Data Hub to identify the latest insolvencies and assert its claims at the earliest stage and prevent new contracts.


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