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Use Case

Insufficient Insurance Coverage

Fusionbase enables insurers to detect companies within their portfolio by leveraging external data, facilitating premium adjustments and revenue growth.

Here is how:

  • Cross-referencing financial statements with portfolio data to spot underinsurance based on actual revenues.
  • Evaluating changes in capital assets using public registry information to detect underinsurance situations.
  • Integrating AI to analyze company activities from websites, comparing them with insured activities to identify coverage gaps.

Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data for Coverage-Gap Detection

Utilizing external datasets allows for a comprehensive assessment of a company’s insurance needs versus their current coverage. This data-driven approach identifies discrepancies and underinsurance risks efficiently.

Company Data

Check whether base information like name, legal form and addresses are up-to-date with your portfolio.

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Financial KPI's

Use financial information like revenue, number of employees or balance sheet items to detect coverage gaps.

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Change Events

Events like address, legal form or personell changes allow you to stay up-to-date of your customers progress.

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Your Benefits

Revenue Growth

Adjust premiums for under-insured companies to reflect their actual risk profile, leading to increased revenue.

Risk Mitigation

Accurately identifying under-insured companies minimizes potential losses from inadequate coverage.

Operational Efficiency

Automated data integration and analysis streamline operations, improving efficiency and decision-making speed.

Before Fusionbase

    Inefficient manual checks leading to overlooked underinsured companies
    Revenue losses due to inadequate premium adjustments for actual risk exposure
    Slow reaction to changes in company profiles, affecting risk management

With Fusionbase

    Automated detection of underinsured companies through real-time data analysis
    Dynamic premium adjustments based on up-to-date risk assessment
    Proactive risk management and revenue optimization through continuous data monitoring

Read how Gothaer improves portfolio quality

Leveraging external data through Fusionbase helped Gothaer to fix 11% of addresses and detect up to 7% of suspicious contracts in their portfolio.


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