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Use Case

Physical Threats Monitoring

Fusionbase empowers corporate security departments with timely and machine-readable data on global risks, including armed conflicts, crime rates, political instability, and natural disasters. Our API provides crucial insights that help safeguard employees against emerging threats.

Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data for Risk Monitoring

Fusionbase offers extensive datasets that enhance the capability of corporate security teams to analyze and predict potential threats effectively. By integrating following up-to-date data, analysts can stay ahead of:

Natural Disasters

Plan and respond to global natural disaster events that could disrupt business continuity.

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Geospatial data points, such as the proximity of your assets to potential points of attack (e.g., military buildings), help you assess the risks to your assets.

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Crime Statistics

Crime statistics, such as the number of kidnappings, help you assess the risk to personnel in any country in the world.

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Your Benefits

Automated updates

Stay informed with the latest data, allowing for immediate action in crisis situations.

Comprehensive coverage

Access external data on a global scale to ensure no geographical blind spots in risk assessment.

Data-driven decisions

Enhance decision-making processes with empirical data, reducing reliance on speculative methods.

Before Fusionbase

    Limited data sources leading to fragmented risk assessments
    Delays in data retrieval slowing down response times
    High dependency on manual data compilation and analysis

With Fusionbase

    Integrated API providing a holistic view of global security risks
    Immediate access to updated data enabling swift responses
    Automated data processes improving accuracy and efficiency in risk management

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