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Use Case

Preventing Company Insolvency Fraud

Fusionbase enables banks to effectively detect and prevent commercial burial fraud. Using Fusionbase's API, external data on companies and their directors can be queried quickly and easily to identify fraud patterns.


Fusionbase Data Hub

External Data to prevent Company Insolvency Fraud

Fusionbase integrates comprehensive external data sources to detect patterns and histories indicative of insolvency fraud. Our platform provides deep insights that allow banks to make informed decisions swiftly. Following data helps you to identify fraudulent behaviour:

Company Network

Get all related persons and companies to any given company to further investigate in your KYC processes.

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Managing Directors

Check whether managing directors are working at companies that are in insolvency proceedings.

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Company Financials

Check base data and financials of a given company to detect early warning signs of insolvencies.

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Your Benefits

Enhanced Risk Management

Utilize advanced analytics to identify high-risk entities before engaging in financial activities.

Cost Reduction

Minimize losses due to fraud by early detection of insolvency schemes.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure adherence to financial regulations by maintaining a transparent and fraud-free portfolio.

Before Fusionbase

    Limited access to comprehensive background information on company directors
    Delayed reaction to fraud indicators due to manual data gathering
    High incidence of financial losses from unanticipated insolvency fraud

With Fusionbase

    Instant access to extensive data on directors and companies, enhancing due diligence
    Proactive fraud detection through real-time data analysis and automated alerts
    Significant reduction in financial losses by preventing fraud before it affects the institution

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